Welcome to the Clinic

I am a multidisciplinary practitioner with a lifetime of experience (30yrs) treating all types of muscle, joint and nerve pain. I blend together 12 chiropractic techniques including deep massage, sports massage and exercises into a personalized treatment that fits each individual. Many patients get quick relief from otherwise debilitating issues.

Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Massage

With 3 disciplines in one office, you are assured of complete care for your issue. Chiropractic to mobilize those stuck painful joints back into alignment. Medical Sports Massage releases tight stubborn muscles, and Acupuncture numbs the pain while increasing circulation of blood & Qi.

Fitness and Performance

Dr Craig is all about fitness. Pain brings people in the door, and many stay to learn and develop the lifestyle of fitness. We offer many avenues for you to explore: nutrition, yoga, strength training, running clinic, core exercises, and balance training. Discover the new healthy you!

Blog Postings from A to Z!

Dr Craig has written fitness articles for On Fitness Magazine. Check out his postings. We have many articles with insider information for many conditions: Whiplash & Headaches to Runners Knee, Bunions & Plantar Fasciitis. Best to use the search bar to find your appropriate posting.